Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Biodome

Nevik: We trekked to the Biodome today with a whole gang of friends - Alex and Thalia, Florien and Nicolas, Skye and myself and the Mamans. Whew. First the bus, then the métro, then walking, then back to the métro and the bus and then the car home. We had lots of fun running around the Biodome looking at the animals (as much as we could at that speed), finding ourselves on the map (Nevi), sliding down the slide (everyone), jumping with the Penguins (Alex), watching the crocs (Florien) and all kinds of other things. We got to eat lunch in the restaurant there, too. I ran around with Alex and Florien and had a great time.

Skye: I got put in a stroller today - ok, I guess. I mean, it's kind of cool to be able to see my Maman instead of just being strapped to her. I ate some of Alex' rice for lunch. I like the Biodome because there is lots to see, but the Penguins swim too fast for me to follow.

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