Monday, January 21, 2008

Skye stands up

Nevik: This weekend we were all sick. We all have the flu. We had to stay inside and do quiet play. Okay for a bit but I was getting restless and decided to jump up and down on the sofa and play tag. Maman and I made cookies today.

Skye: This being sick is no fun. I had to go to the hospital on Saturday night because I had a hard time breathing and Maman and Papa were freaking out. Then at the hospital I started freaking out because there were lights and people and stuff in my face and I just wanted to go to bed. Finally it all stopped and then Maman and I got to go to sleep. I woke up later and felt much better. So much so that I pulled myself up to standing today! Those legos were looking way too tempting.

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Brinda said...

sorry to hear that you were all sick. glad that maman made you cookies nevi! send some our way!! :-) And Skye, you are a cutie-pie cookie yourself! Hope to meet you all soon.
brinda, karthick and omji