Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snot Monster eating Blueberries

Nevik: Gymnastics again! Yeah! I love gymnastics. I went a little crazy today because I was so happy, how I missed that fast track. After gym, we go to the bleachers at the pool and eat our snack. There we can watch the divers practice. I like it when they dive off the super tall platform. Grandmaman came over today and we went to the Biodome - it was great! The man at the entrance gave me a map and boy oh boy did I follow where we were on that map. I am going to bring it back the next time.

Skye: I like gym because I get to crawl around on the really springy floors. nifty. The Biodome was cool too - lots and lots of stuff to see. The animals were moving around quite a bit and Maman said something about how we squirm around when we are waiting for our feeding time. For supper I had sweet potato, pasta and blueberries. Blueberries are the funnest things on the planet - you can eat and wear them!

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