Wednesday, January 23, 2008

playing with playmobile

Nevik: (at noon) I am playing with fairyland playmobile.
Nevik: I played with playmobile all day! It was alot of fun. Maman and I started building a castle on the back porch. It is going to be huge, and it will have tunnels. This evening we went to see a school on my street - L'École Petite Patrie - because I might go there when I am 5. It was nice - 3 stories. My parents said that it looked liked a nice elementary school. Mononcmarc stopped by just as I was getting in bed, so I got a special goodnight.

Skye: Today Maman and Nevi put up my crib. I fussed a little before my naps, but I am getting used to it. I spent most of the day practicing standing and crawling. Those playmoblies are tempting, too!

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