Thursday, January 24, 2008

Return to Bibliotheque Mile End

Nevik: We went to the Mile End library to play with the games. My favorite is the Playmobile castle. I love taking it apart and putting it back together. Alex was there too and he played with the Duplo helicopter and firetruck. In the afternoon I played at home with my Playmobile and with pumpkin seeds. Mononcmarc came for dinner.

Skye: I practiced crawling and standing. I am learning how to hold on to things with one hand and how to move my feet in a forward movement. When I get upset or agitated, I say mamamamammamammamamam. Maman thinks that I am calling to her -well, duh. I like to try and imitate things that I see and hear - banging, jumping, stacking, sounds, smiles, a much more!

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