Friday, February 1, 2008


Nevik: School again! With Zoothérapie! Dominique brought a dog with her and we played with it and walked it around the school. We didn't go outside with it because it was too nasty. After school Mononcjoel came over to play. We did face painting - I painted Joel's face like a green space monster. For dinner I made lasagna with Maman - Yum!

Skye: I fell asleep on the way to Nevi's school today, and when I woke up we were walking around Mile End, so I had a nice nap in the carrier. I, too got to play with Joel but I was way more interested in Beans the dog. I liked him so much that I shared half my bagel with him. I had a big nap this afternoon and ate a whole bunch of lasagna for dinner - by-my-self, of course.

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