Thursday, February 7, 2008

Playing pirate

Nevik: I went to Petits Pas vers l'École at Notre Dame de la Défence. It was my first day at my real school. I was very excited. The weather was terrible so I was the only one there! I still had fun looking at all the new things and playing with all the toys. Maman and Skye stayed and chatted with Joséanne, my teacher. She is the same teacher that I have at the Maisonette. I even got homework. I was so excited that I spent all day doing my homework and saying 'don't help me with my homework. I can do it myself.' It was amazing. Mononcmarc came over to play and first I showed him my homework. Then we played mummy and pirate. That is me painting Marc's face like a skull. Cool. I'm a pirate.

Skye: I went to school with Nevi and I thought that I was going to come home after and have my nap, but we stayed there. It was fun - I got to explore a new place. I was pretty tired so I had a power nap. I was crotchety after that, had another nap in the afternoon, was still crotchety and went to bed at 16h30.

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