Sunday, March 9, 2008


Nevik: When we woke up today there was so much snow! The storm yesterday dumped a LOT of snow. The backyard is so full, it almost touches the fence. So cool. I played in the snow for a while with some of the neighbor kids, and with Papa. Papa and I also went to the movies - it was the last day of the FIFEM, and we went to go see Les Trois Brigands. It's about 3 bad guys who become good Papas. It was very funny. I liked it a lot.

Skye: I have 2 front teeth coming in and they hurt. That is why I am so crabby. I wake up often at night and I want to chew on stuff. I will be glad when they are finally in. I went outside to see Papa shoveling the snow and I smiled at him. Doesn't he look like he is working up a sweat?

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