Saturday, March 8, 2008

Judo and the Retun of Winter

Nevik: Judo this morning - Ben was there. He is my favorite instructor. I received my gi today as well. Maman says that we will take a picture next week and post it. We were only 3 students today (wimping out because of the weather?) so Ben made all the papas do the class too. It was so funny! As we were coming home, the weather was getting really bad. I was going to go to the movies this afternoon, but I think I will stay home and play with Papa. We can go see the movie tomorrow.

Skye: I didn't go to Judo today because I was so tired. Maman stayed at home with me and cooked - braised lamb shanks. I was very focused walking this morning. I would push the wagon to the kitchen, someone would help turn me around, and I would walk all the way back to the living room, and then do it over. Oh yeah, I put my Clifford the big red dog pillow on the seat and gave it a ride. Every few steps I would stop, take off the pillow, do my funny face and put it back on and keep going. Awesome fun. By the way, dinner tonight, lamb and curried cauliflower, was brilliant. I made lots of happy sounds while I was eating.

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