Friday, March 7, 2008

The Spiderweb

Nevik: School and Zootherapie! Fun! We had a big St. Bernard visit us today. Her name was Kasha and she was really nice. We took her out for a walk around the neighbourhood, to parc De Gaspé, and fed her snow (Maman's note - I am not sure that is good for dogs) and threw sticks for her. It was such a nice day, real sugaring-off weather, that we played the whole time outside. Then Maman and Skye came to get me and I didn't want to go. Finally I got hungry and we went and had lunch. We were supposed to go skating again, but Maman couldn't get the car out of the snowbank so we went to the Spiderweb instead. Do you see me - I am all the way at the top! When we came home, we made hot chocolate with whipped cream, just like in the café.

Skye: Decent nap this morning, although I was still pretty cranky. I think I am starting to go through separation anxiety. Man I don't like it when I can't see my Maman. Anyway, I played at the spiderweb too, but then I got bored. We stopped at the marché to pick up some food and that was way more interesting.

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