Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cutie Skye

Nevik: Gymnastics - what a workout. I do the balance beam all by my self. On the trampoline, my Maman says that I jump like a wet noodle. After class, we went to Thomas' and Adams' to play. I played outside in the tunnel that Clément dug and had a great time. In the afternoon, we went to the ice rink in Kanawake and got to skate. We hat the whole rink to ourselves! Shooter lent me a support so I could go on the ice myself. I was most impressed with the green juice that the older kids were drinking - Maman called it gatorade. It looked amazing but my crabby Maman wouldn't let me have any.

Skye: I get to climb around at Gym and it is alot of fun. I sure would like to do some of those activities - the trampoline looks like the bomb! I don't remember much of the skating - I fell asleep. I was hungry that evening - when there is lots to do during the day, who wants to take time out to eat?

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