Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Weekend in Ottawa

Nevik: On Friday, Papa went to Ottawa because had a librarian's conference . Joel and Beans went, too. Maman, Skye and I decided to go explore some the great museums there, so there was a full carload on the 417 at 7 am. We dropped Joel and Beans off at his parents', and papa at the newly-renovated parlimentary library and headed to the Museum of Aviation. SO COOL. Full of planes, helicopters and jets. From the Noordryn Norseman to the Bombardier Challenger. I didn't want to leave. We met papa for lunch at the National Gallery, saw an exibit on modern Inuit art, and finished up the day at the Museum of Civilization. Whew. But we weren't finished! We went to Joel's parents house for dinner and a sleep over. I love sleep overs because I get to stay up extra late! Joel's house was really cool 'cuz he had all his toys still. I got to play with a nifty wooden house and Constructs. And there were 3 dogs - Beans, Maize and Maya. The next day, we drove to Grandmaman and Grandpapa's house. Maman went in the RJ simulator with Grandpapa and Jacques the farmer. I stayed and played with Grandmaman. Then today I went to a trumpet show in Outremont with Alex. It was neat. After Alex came over to have lunch and play.

Skye: I was pretty impressed by all the things to see in Ottawa. It made me sleepy. Now I like to jump up and down, so while we were at Joel's parents house I showed them I cute and good and jumpy I am. It was fun. I did the same thing at Grandmaman's house. While maman was in the simulator, papa gave me some soy milk with a spoon. I really liked eating from a spoon. Today I was tired so I had a big nap.

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