Friday, November 9, 2007

Drawing 'Méchant'

Nevik: In the morning I went to preschool and we talked about emotions. We played feeling games like scrunch up the newspapers to show anger and wrap ourselves up in blankets to show sorrow. I drew a picture of how I was feeling, and I decided that I was feeling angry and going grrrr like Tyrannosaurus Rex. I had lots of fun. In the afternoon I went with my mom and Skye to get cat food for Minou and Crépuscule and to mail a present to my Grandpa in Pennsylvania.

Skye: After Nevi went to preschool, I went to the marché and hung out with Jacques and Patrick. I had a nap on the way there, and another one at home in the afternoon. Then we went shopping and some ladies stopped my maman and said how cute I was. I smiled to them. Back at home, Nevi was making silly faces and I laughed.

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Marc said...

Hello Nevik and Skye! Welcome into cyberspace!
I have really enjoyed your blog! Your adventures are fascinating and I just LOVE the pictures and drawings!