Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gym 'n Fun

Nevik: Today I went to school and we played music, ate race car cake because it was Alex' birthday, and did another drawing about feelings. I decided that I was happy in my drawing. We got to eat pizza for dinner -one that Papa and I went to go pick up at a restaurant! Yum! Yesterday I went to gymnastics and got to do the balance beam all-by-my-self. I can do a forward and backward somersault and the trampoline all by my self, too. I like gymnastics a lot. After class, we went to the pool to watch the divers as we ate our snack. When I am 5, I want to learn how to dive. On Monday, Grandmaman came to play with me. I love my Grandmaman.

Skye: This week I got to eat more purée - this time, squash! Oh and I got to go with Nevi to gym, which I like because I can roll on the floor and it is nice and bouncy. Today I went to the clinic and got my first vaccine - wow, that was unpleasant! The nice lady checked me out, weighed me (6.8kg) and measured me (65cm), said that I was growing nicely, and then Ouch! a big ole' needle in the thigh. Puh. So I was kind of grumpy for the rest of the day.

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