Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Rainy Day

Nevik: It was a gray, rainy day. My friend Alex was a little sick, so I went over to his house to keep him company. We played with his toys - cars, trucks, airplanes, and trains. For lunch, my maman and I went and got sushi for everyone. I love sushi. I ate my whole plate. When we left Alex', we went to visit my aunt Elena. She has a cool store on Villeneuve called Ecodarling. I got to have a monkey juice while maman visited. My cousin Noémie dropped by, too. After, we stopped to see Beans, but no one was home. We waved at him through the door. At home, we played 'boat taking cargo to Greenland' and 'boat taking passengers to Greenland' using the pillows off the couch as boats.

Skye: I went to see my friend Talia and we both had a nap. I played on the activity mat with Alex' musical turtle. He also had a musical jungle that made lots of interesting noises. When we went to visit aunt Elena my maman abandoned me to go get coffee and I cried 'Maaaaammaaaaaan' the whole time. At home, I thought it was fun playing 'passenger ship' . During diner, I was given hard piece of bread - it was amazing! My parents have been holding out on me.

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